Day 15

Venice Beach canals


Day 14

Whale watching at Dana Wharf, although we didn’t see any whales, we say plenty of dolphins. 

Day 12

My first trip to the Los Angeles Public Library

Day 10 

The pour over coffee equipment has arrived. Essential additions to our coffee maker, espresso machine, coffee grinder, two French presses, three tea pots, and dozens of coffee mugs. Soon a coffee shop to store it all 😉 (I wish)

Day 9

School days, school days….
Bus ride back home, roughly 3 miles, took me about 35 minutes.

Day 7

Last one from Denver, this one is in honor of the incredible win against the Steeler’s, the weekend after we fly there for the least exciting football game EVER!

Day 6

Robot, Courtesy of Phil who loves Bock (aka Bob + Jack)