It has been a busy first month, I can’t believe it’s only January. I’ve spent quality time with so many good friends and even managed to make some new ones. The school year is shaping up nicely, the faculty has proven to be lively and knowledgeable and I think I’ll gain a better idea of where I see myself in the field.

My art history love has popping up all over the place. At work I  have been cleaning one of a kind hand-painted glass slides by Burton Holmes and with encouragement from my museum informatics class to visit more museums, I have realized how much I miss art history. Then, when I check Hulu for the new episode of the office, guess what I run into?

Image courtesy of NBC

A lovely little homage to George Seurat’s, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte – 1884.



Day 21

Big cooking day for me: garlic roasted butternut squash, cauliflower gratin, and kale chips. For dessert, an easy fix, vanilla ice cream and kiwi with honey drizzled on top. I can’t believe I get another CSA delivery tomorrow! Soooo much cooking!

Day 20

Orange Scones made with my first CSA delivery

Day 19

Breakfast at Huckleberry in Santa Monica

Day 18

Handsome Coffee Roasters yet to be opened shop. 

Day 16

After Downtown Los Angeles Coffee Scavenger Hunt, we are enjoying free beverages by some of the best baristas at Handsome Coffee Roasters. 

Day 14

Whale watching at Dana Wharf, although we didn’t see any whales, we say plenty of dolphins.