Grad school has begun!

While I should be preparing for class tomorrow, I couldn’t help but take a break to give a quick update on my first impressions.

To begin with, I can’t string together enough words to express the jolt of energy surging through me after this first week. The UCLA campus is more than beautiful, granted the building that my program is located in isn’t quite the gem that the rest of campus is (see below), it doesn’t really matter, because I’m inside of it looking out at the gorgeous brick buildings surrounding me. More than that though, the buzz and hum of students gearing up for school is so refreshing. I love the collaborative nature of such a large school and I love being a graduate student. I have such a feeling of belonging, that I’m glowing.

I haven’t missed a beat in getting involved and the opportunities that have been presented to me already is promising. The faculty and staff are a perfect blend of down-to-earth comedic guru’s and intimidatingly successful jet-setters.  I’ll be taking two classes with the rest of the incoming MLIS students, so I’m sure there will be plenty of networking.

The readings thus far have been stimulating and enlightening, although far more than I had anticipated, I’m not overly bummed by it. I have been putting my iPad to good use and instead of printing out the hundreds of pdf pages, I am using an app that makes the reading process very much the same. I am even able to add notes and highlight sections with my finger, which is pretty sweet, because who hasn’t dreamed of having a highlighter for a finger?!

All in all, I am feeling very much like a student. After spending most of my undergrad career commuting and attempting to figure out what I was doing, it is refreshing and all around wonderful to just be able to just experience learning!


Does moving EVER get easier?

I refuse to fall back on old habits and allow my blog to become akin to a discarded journal purchased during New Year’s. I haven’t been avoiding it, I’ve just been so wrapped up in relocating and socializing that its falling to the wayside. But I am happy to say that I am officially moved and safely nestled in the luxurious Brentwood (southern, not northern CA Brentwood) landscape.

A quick update on what I’ve been up to:

If you haven’t heard of Extreme Couponing, you are missing out! Well, no not really, I’ve only seen the show all of two times, but it was inspirational. I have always liked the idea of couponing and with a glimpse into the possible savings, I knew I had to give it a go. I decided to make the initial time investment to create an organizational system that suited my needs and scoured the apartment for supplies -as it seemed to defeat the purpose of saving money if I used a bunch attempting to organize my coupons. Needless to say, during all of my moving, I was really anxious to get out and see how much I could save. My first stop, CVS, I did pretty well, spending $8 and saving $14 on essential items (not random stuff just so I could use my coupons). Also, one of the first things I did at CVS was scan my card, where I received a coupon for FREE Ritz Crackers. WIN! Second stop, Pavillions/Vons/Safeway, I spent $50 but saved $40, not too shabby. It was exhilarating watching the price drop from $90.

I haven’t been reading very much which is always bad news. I have managed a few comics here and there. With the DC New 52 I haven’t been able to read fast enough. I also read Black Water by Joyce Carol Oates (review pending) and The New York Four a graphic novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It is week 4 of my C# class and so far it hasn’t been terrible. I do have a quiz on Wednesday, eeek! I’ll keep you posted and on that, I should probably be programming!